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The Older Crowd is first and foremost a social club; a place where you can meet new people, make new friends, hang out with old friends, participate in activities and events in a safe environment.

Whilst the core age group is 50+ attitude is more important than age and the events; the live music gigs will appeal to a wider range of people than just that age group.

We will hold regular meet ups in a club premises, where there will be regular live music shows.

Too Young to Fade Away, Not too old to rock'n'roll

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a friendly, safe environment built around live music and events for those 50+ but where attitude is more important than age, where friendships new and old can be developed and where a real community of like-minded people can expand and grow.


Our Vision

To encourage the growth of friendships through engagement in regular meet ups, live music and other events with people who have similar interests and issues. To overcome loneliness and isolation by saying there is a bunch of like minded people you can like.


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